Service Management Group promotes Chris Egan to President and Chief Operating Officer


KANSAS CITY –– Service Management Group, Inc. (SMG) has announced the promotion of Chris Egan to President and COO. Egan oversees client services, research, and sales. Chairman and CEO Andy Fromm continues to focus on product innovation and global expansion while remaining accessible to clients.

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Bringing the power of web analytics into the physical world


In a recent HBR blog article, Tony Costa compares the use of web analytics for understanding customer behavior online to the rising use of Location Analytics, which tracks customer behavior in the physical space. While 98% of IR500 retailers are using some for kind of web analytics tool, few brick and mortar retailers employ analytic solutions to understand customer behavior in-store.

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Watching the Olympics opening ceremony leads to +8.3% bigger baskets at retail


The Olympic Games are a global event that captures the attention of the world for two short weeks every two years. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers spend huge amounts of money to sponsor and advertise during the Olympics. But what’s the impact on shopper decision-making in the aisle?

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Attractive Holiday Displays Make a Big Impact

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This past holiday season, we executed Locately’s next-generation shopper intercept to understand how America shopped for holiday food occasions. We invited 2,100 shoppers to share their location data with Locately during November and December 2013 via Locately’s smartphone app.

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The best way for retailers to grow the basket this holiday season? Free gift with purchase.

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The holidays are a busy time of year and retailers will do whatever it takes to enhance the holiday shopping experience and capture additional sales. But just how effective are retailers at getting shoppers to spend more money?

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Nielsen’s Jonathan Carson on What Location Means for Shopper Insights


At the ARF’s Industry Leader’s Forum, Jonathan Carson, Nielsen’s CEO of Digital, gave a talk about what mobile location technologies mean for consumer and shopper insights.  He begins by discussing the enormous power of location for marketing and market research:

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Interview with DemandTec’s Armen Najarian


Locately recently announced a new offering with DemandTec, an IBM company. The new product adds Locately’s path-to-purchase and shopper word-of-mouth analytics to the DemandTec Network.

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What Do Shoppers Tweet About at Walmart?


A display of bacon, valet parking, DVD sales, and really expensive avocados. What do these things all have in common? They are all topics shoppers are tweeting about while at Walmart.

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Shopping Trips Get Longer as the Week Goes On

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We’ve seen an interesting pattern in shopping visits from the consumer we analyze: on average, shoppers spend a longer amount of time in each store they visit as the week goes on. For example, if we look at all trips to retail stores like Target, Costco, and Home Depot, we see a consistent upward trend on weekdays, with consumers spending 40% more time in the store per visit on Friday than on Monday:

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How the iPhone Tracks Your Location Without Permission

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While examining the files iTunes produces to back up an iPhone, a programmer recently uncovered something unexpected: his phone was storing a log of year’s worth of location data.

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